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Police Officer's Wife Commits Suicide in Suning

Liu Wenjuan, the wife of a senior police officer that was killed in a shootout, committed suicide on Wednesday in Suning County, Hebei province, China.Local police said Liu Wenjuan jumped from the sixth floor of a hotel in the province’s Suning county. Sources close to police indicate that the woman was distraught by her husband’s death.Liu’s husband, Xue Yongqing, was the political commissar of Suning county’s public security bureau. He and another officer were killed on Tuesday morning while exchanging fire with an armed suspect.The suspect, Liu Shuangrui, allegedly killed two local residents and injured five others with a shotgun before police caught up with him; the suspect was also killed in the shootout.According to police, two psychological experts were dispatched to comfort the parents of Xue Yongqing and his wife, as well as their only son, who is reportedly attending university.China’s Public Security Ministry has extended their condolences over Xue Yongqing and his wife’s deaths.